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Our refurbished equipment are categorized into 3 groups:

  • Used equipment: These are equipment which are in good working conditions. We might be able to provide test reports and inspection reports for these equipment.

  •  Standard refurbished: These are standard refurbished equipment according to in house procedures.

  • Fully refurbished: These are refurbished equipment according to the OEM standards.


It's our core responsibility to ensure that our customers are fully informed about the warranties of our products and equipment.


We provide at all times quality assured products to our customers. We adhere to the International organization for standardization-ISO 13485 that establishes the requirements for a quality management system for both the design and manufacture of medical devices.

As a European company, we ensure that our products and equipment carries the CE marking despite the fact that its not mandatory for most African markets. This enable our customer to always receive standard qualities from us at all times.


We provide the following warranties on our equipment:

  • Used equipment: May and may not have warranties. Some used equipment may still have manufacturer's warranty

  • Standard refurbished equipment: Carries between 7-30 days warranties

  • Fully refurbished: Carries between 30-90 days warranties.


However, we strive to get test reports and pre-inspections reports for all used and refurbished equipment before shipment. These reports shall be forwarded to the customer for review before final confirmation. In case we cannot get these reports, we shall inform the customer and the reasons why. We can also provide detail pre-inspection report and test report as per customer specifications.

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