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You can sell your new, used or refurbished medical equipment and supplies here. Its often difficult to find the right trading partner to help you get the best price for the quality. At times its very stressful and requires great market knowledge.

If you want to sell directly without a trade partner, you need to answer the questions below in order to get the best price as per quality:


  • What condition of equipment?

  • How much longer will it last?

  • How much will I get in price?

  • If it has been reconditioned, what is its new life time?

  • How much warranty can i give?

  • Has it been fully tested and calibrated?

  • Can I be able to supply its accessories if needed?

  • Will I be able to provide technical support and maintenance for the item?

  • What after sales support can I provide?

  • How long will it take from confirming the order to receiving the payment?

Getting answers to these questions can be difficult and time consuming.


With us you don't have to worry about these questions. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we provide you the best solutions through the following:


Identify the reasons for selling of the item(s). Issues to consider are:

  • Public health

  • Technical

  • Economic

  • Clinical


We ensure that the equipment and supplies should be appropriate for the setting in which they will be used. Issues to consider include:

  • Local conditions

  • Compatibility

  • Acceptability


Ensure that the equipment and supplies must be of sufficiently high quality in terms of:

  • Performance

  • Safety

  • Material and design

  • Labelling and packaging


Better quality supplies and equipment are more expensive, but cheaper supplies and equipment are often of poor quality. In addition to the purchase cost, other initial costs to consider include:

  • Import tax and customs duty

  • Transportation and insurance

  • Installation

  • Staff training

use & maintenance

We ensure that your facility can use and maintain the supplies and equipment you procure.Issues to consider include:

  • Utilities

  • Skills and training

  • Technical backup

  • Consumable, accessories and spare parts


We quality assured the source of the equipment and supplies. There are issues to consider related to:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers

  • Imported supplies

  • Used supplies

disposable or reusable

We help you to decide what type is most suitable for your health facility, consider the following issues:

  • National policy

  • Sterilisation

  • Supply

Is there a national or local policy regarding the use of disposable or reusables? It is usually easier and more practical to follow existing policy. Does your facility have the equipment required for sterilisation? You should only plan to use reusables if your facility can sterilise equipment properly.

identifying suppliers

We help you to decide, if you have a choice, whether to order supplies locally or internationally and to select a supplier. Criteria for selecting a supplier include:

  • Price

  • Quality

  • Delivery times

  • Guarantees and warranties

  • Reputation

  • Reliability

Current Requests


You can send to us your offers by filling the form beside or by email to:

After receiving your offer we shall contact you as soon as possible.

But if you choose to send by mail, please kindly use the format below:

  1. Condition + product description (name, brand and type)

  2. Year of manufacture + warranties

  3. Quantities + price per unit + shipment terms

  4. Product detail specifications as an attachment


Subject: Ultrasound 357 x unit offer

Used Philips mobile ultrasound 357x unit
Y.O.M: 2007 with 3 months warranty
5 units available at EURO 5000 per unit Exw Denmark
See attached detail specifications (attachment or Dropbox link)

Below is a list of some of our current request. Contact us for full list.

Thanks! Message sent.

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